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PCB recycling by pyrolysis (ewaste pyrolysis)

Advantages of the pyrolysis for PCB recycling

PCB pyrolysis unit

PCB pyrolysis unit

Crushed printed circuit boards are sent an ewaste pyrolysis kiln where they thermally decomposed in the absence of external air supply. Solid phase is cooled down in indirect char cooler, while pyrolysis gas is sent to thermal oxidizer (combustion chamber). Metals, glass fiber and char are separated for further use.

Typical PCB pyrolysis unit consists of following main equipment items:

Indirect heated pyrolysis kiln for thermal treatment of PCB 

Pyrolysis gas oxidizer / combustion chanber

Pyrolysis char and metals cooler

Flue gas treatment

Hot flue gas from the ewaste pyrolysis unit undergoes cooling and then comprehensive cleaning in a scrubber system in order to eliminate bromine compounds. After further removing of NOx, SOx and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) clean gas is discharged into atmosphere through stack.

Optionally bromine compounds removed from flue gas in the scrubber system could be recovered in form of Br2 as a target product.


PCB recycling: Market prices

Typical recyclable components of dismantled printed circuit boards (besides glass fibers):

Copper: 3- 40% (average 15-25%)

Lead: average 0.5% %

Tin: average 1 %

Bromine: 1- 8% (average 5%)

To calculate anticipated profit of PCB recycling please refer to the market price indications, see also FAQ below.


Our practical experience in the industrial pyrolysis

Pyrolysis plant

Industrial pyrolysis plants

Decades of the experience in pyrolysis technology; dozens of large-scale industrial facilities around the world

PCB pyrolysis equipment

Quality pyrolysis equipment

Quality equipment manufactured in Germany; broad network of the equipment vendors and other subcontractors

PCB recycling projects

Reliable project partners

Excellence in delivery quality products on time and on budget; competitive prices for the quality product


Please do not forget provide information on yourself and your project capacity and PCB composition

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Your initial reference on PCB recycling by pyrolysis

Answer: Incineration of PCB will produce oxidized metals in addition to other disadvantages of incineration vs. pyrolysis
Answer: In accordance with INCOTERMS; to be discussed with a particular customer, e.g. ExW, FCA , DAP, or turn-key delivery
Answer: Design and equipment fabrication (ExW delivery) ~ 10-12 months
Answer:Profit depends on many parameters including market price. Example of calculations on copper profitability: pyrolysis plant 3 t/h, 7500 hours of annual operation, copper content in PCB - 15%, selling price - 1500 Euro/t. Net profit: 5,062,500 Euros. Project payback time (without broimine recovery) ~ 2 years.
PCB pyrolysis FAQ